Development update

Dear HOQU community members.

As you know, our team is now fully focused on developing a decentralized version of the platform that uses the Ethereum network. Any development associated with the use of the blockchain, if it is implemented not only on paper, but in real life, takes a large amount of time, requires resources and causes us to face serious problems that no one has solved before. Today we want to inform you about certain changes in the process of creating the platform.

It was decided to carry out parallel development of 2 versions of the platform:

1. A blockchain version based on smart contracts;

2. A business versions with decentralized data storage.

The blockchain version is the current version of the platform, whose beta versions of the applications have been presented to the community over the past six months. Its basis is the core, which operates on the smart contracts placed on the blockchain platform.

It is important to note that all the data is stored in a decentralized manner on the blockchain, the platform’s smart contract is responsible for making payments, the lead payments are instantly made to the ETH wallet when the advertiser approves (confirms) the leads.

The main difference of the business version is that it does not use any blockchain platform for writing off money for sold leads. In this version, all transactions take place inside the platform in the currency in which the offer was created. As for payments and withdrawals (payin-payout) of money, classical methods will be used through invoices, bank cards, webmoney and other less common solutions.

A decentralized repository (blockchain) will be connected to the business version, where data about the platform participants and their actions will be uploaded, which will guarantee independence and transparency in determining their rating.

Preferential use of functionality will be provided for users of the business version using project tokens. The details are currently being worked out.

Below are the main differences between the business version and the blockchain version:

  • Does not use smart contracts, as all financial transactions occur within the platform, the input and output of money is done in classical ways;
  • There is need to deposit and withdraw money to the balance of the platform for working with webmasters;
  • Reward amounts are determined in fiat, not in tokens;
  • The affiliate network pays a monthly subscription fee for using the platform instead of a% of the transaction;
  • Connected decentralized storage — partial decentralization.

Common features for both versions:

  • Multiaccounts — an opportunity for affiliates to work simultaneously in several networks;
  • Unified database of webmasters and advertisers;
  • Honest ratings.

Another significant difference is that the blockchain version of HOQU is an ecosystem. By using the core or smart contracts of this ecosystem, any interested person can build their platform, a feature that is impossible in the business version.

Reasons for developing two versions of the platform

An important reason is the legal status of cryptocurrencies. Currently, it is impossible to legally accept payments in cryptocurrencies / tokens and pay using it in most countries, so the project team began to develop a business version of a platform that works with fiat currencies.

As for the further development of the blockchain version, at the moment, we are convinced that the use of the Ethereum blockchain platform, in its current version, is not economically efficient. We are currently looking for options to make the platform work cheaper and faster.

While the business version is being developed, which borrowed many developments from the blockchain version, our team is writing smart ecosystem contracts for the EOS blockchain platform, which we will later connect to the platform core, and also set up integration with the tracker we have created.

Thanks to the launch of a separate business version, we can start effective business activities on the planned schedule.The planned release date of the business version is the end of March 2019.

Subsequently, all developments from the business version of the platform will be used in the blockchain version.

The launch of the business version will also allow us to debug key operational processes of the platform, form a potential client base for the blockchain version, and profit from the business version with an additional source for continuing further development of the blockchain version.

Changes in the roadmap

These changes in the development process lead to changes in the roadmap of the project.

More about the planned development stages for January:

  • Release of the first decentralized affiliate network based on the HOQU platform;
  • Release of the Decentralized app for affiliate networks;
  • Release of the Decentralized app for merchants.

Releases of the final versions of the partially decentralized applications, as well as the first affiliate network based on HOQU, will be implemented with the launch of the business version of the HOQU platform (tentatively in March 2019). Running applications and the network will be ready to start working then.

  • Decentralized application for operators and administrators of an appeal center

Appeal centers will be implemented after the launch of the blockchain version, since their work requires real leads.

We lay our hopes on your understanding and thank you for your support.

Sincerely, the HOQU team.




Performance marketing ecosystem. All available affiliate marketing instruments assembled in one place

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Performance marketing ecosystem. All available affiliate marketing instruments assembled in one place

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