Development update

Changes in the development process and the creation of two versions of the platform

It was decided to carry out parallel development of 2 versions of the platform:

1. A blockchain version based on smart contracts;

  • Does not use smart contracts, as all financial transactions occur within the platform, the input and output of money is done in classical ways;
  • There is need to deposit and withdraw money to the balance of the platform for working with webmasters;
  • Reward amounts are determined in fiat, not in tokens;
  • The affiliate network pays a monthly subscription fee for using the platform instead of a% of the transaction;
  • Connected decentralized storage — partial decentralization.
  • Multiaccounts — an opportunity for affiliates to work simultaneously in several networks;
  • Unified database of webmasters and advertisers;
  • Honest ratings.

Reasons for developing two versions of the platform

An important reason is the legal status of cryptocurrencies. Currently, it is impossible to legally accept payments in cryptocurrencies / tokens and pay using it in most countries, so the project team began to develop a business version of a platform that works with fiat currencies.

Changes in the roadmap

These changes in the development process lead to changes in the roadmap of the project.

  • Release of the first decentralized affiliate network based on the HOQU platform;
  • Release of the Decentralized app for affiliate networks;
  • Release of the Decentralized app for merchants.
  • Decentralized application for operators and administrators of an appeal center



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