HOQU has signed a new partnership with LevelNet!

4 min readApr 20, 2018


HOQU has signed a new partnership with LevelNet!

HOQU has signed a new partnership with LevelNet!

Dear HOQU community, we’ve got great news — we have entered into a strategic partnership with LevelNet. The goal of our partnership is to ensure the security of the infrastructure and users of the decentralized marketing platform HOQU.

⚠️ Dear HOQU community members! ⚠️

We are delighted to announce the conclusion of a new partnership with the LevelNet project. The sale of our partner’s tokens will take place from April 20 to May 10. Throughout the presale you can take advantage of a number of bonuses.


❗️ All those who have been registered in the WhiteList LevelNet will be able to receive a 15% Bonus when buying LVL tokens until April 27 (inclusive). ❗️

✅ The 300 LVL tokens are a bonus for all holders of HOQU tokens, who bought them during the ICO.

The AirDrop 300 LVL will be transferred automatically to your wallet in the period from April 24 to April 27.

✅ 10% bonus — from April 20 to Soft Cap 1.5M, register through the link: https://tokensale.levelnet.co/registration?utm_source=hoqu&utm_medium=telegram_advisors

ℹ️ Token Bonus by Collected Amount (During all the period)
💰 0M — $1.5M, bonus 👉 10%
💰 $1.5M — $5M, bonus 👉 7%
💰 $5M — $7M, bonus 👉 5%
💰 $7M — $12M, bonus 👉 3%

✅ 3000 LVL tokens (the “hoqu25” promotional code is valid from April 18 to May 10) when buying from 3000 or more LevelNet tokens.


✅ Transfers in BTC CASH and LTC are accepted from any wallet.
✅ Transfers in ETH are accepted from all wallets, except exchange wallets.The heads of both companies made a joint statement and join forces in creating a better service for their users. The principal mission of LevelNet and HOQU is to take care of the safety of our customers and partners.

Alexey Shmonov , CEO and co-founder of HOQU

Alexey Shmonov, HOQU CEO and co-founder made a statement: “We are the first decentralized marketing platform in the world, allowing advertisers and partners to interact without resorting to intermediaries, which guarantees transparency of the operations of the CPA marketing scheme through smart contracts. We thank our users for their trust and announce a strategic partnership with LevelNet. Understanding the importance of information security of the company and our users, we took care of this by signing a partnership with the innovative platform for cyber security LevelNet.

Pay attention to the new security approach offered by the promising company LevelNet. Currently, the LevelNet team is conducting its ICO. I invite you to support our partners and take part in their ICO! “

Pavel Shkliaev, CEO and founder of LevelNet

Our company provides users with a simple and affordable innovative platform LevelNet, using completely new and effective methods of integrated protection of information networks. We have developed a framework for an integrated cyber security network that allows users to exchange information on cyber attacks (viruses and other network threats) in real time to prevent further incidents.

“We are happy to be partners with HOQU and stand up for the users of the decentralized partnership platform.” — Pavel informs . “ We believe that an innovative approach to partnership agreements will have a positive impact on the HOQU prospects. Large players will come for marketing services and will need protection. Our LevelNet anti-virus solution will provide HOQU customers with reliable protection. Also, Levelnet will be happy to use the HOQU platform in order to find partners for various marketing campaigns. We consider the product to be innovative, affordable, easy to use and cost-effective. We are happy to invite the HOQU community to join our LevelNet ICO !”

HOQU is a large decentralized partnership platform. Among the partners of the company are such large platforms as Ethereum, BlockLancer, LDJCapital and DAIBC, PlayHall and Disciplina.

HOQU combines performance-marketing schemes with blockchain, allowing advertisers to launch an affiliate campaign with minimal costs. The platform unites all advertisers in a single partnership network, providing new standards of transparency and effective models of CPA-marketing.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from HOQU!




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